The Green Room Sunday Shoutout

This crew have been a leading part of Aotearoa’s music scene since the early days of electronica in NZ.

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You know what time it is…. We’ve got The Green Room in the spotlight this week for our Sunday shoutout. This crew have been a leading part of Aotearoa’s music scene since the early days of electronica in NZ. They have a strong focus on 100% Aotearoa produced electronica - how’s that for local! Read on to hear more about what this crew brings to the table. Twisted: How did The Green Room emerge? TGR: For the past 12 years, “The Green Room'' has been a prime feature on Ōtautahi based radio station RDU 98.5fm. The entity of RDU has been a leading part of Aotearoa's music scene since the early days of electronica in the country, and has provided a strong platform to promote, fund and share music from home and abroad. “The Green Room” show specifically highlights 100% produced Aotearoa electronica, with a passion to create, share, promote and push quality sounds stemming from every nook and cranny, spanning across our motherland. In early 2022 the show took a change of hosts, and TGR fell into the hands of a soundbwoy with his reach firm & wide within Aotearoa's underground. After a solid year of the show being run solo, the platform is now occupied by an infamous group of heavyweight selectahs (who some may know as the Vision Allegiance) to keep the show charging. We spend 2 hours every Saturday afternoon live on RDU, taking listeners aboard a multigenre voyage of homegrown kiwi electronica, which includes guest mixes, hot releases, upcoming events and much more. The show is very lucky to have such a wide & tasteful spectrum of talent behind the helm & we can't wait to share what we have planned for the rest of this year, Twisted Frequency & beyond. Twisted: Tell us about some highlights from over the years TGR: Aside from the epic times in the studio, over the past year TGR has been spreading its wings and evolving into projects such as label releases and live shows. We've had the opportunity to host some epic guests live n’ direct on air, as well as showcase upcoming talent, bring back some absolute classics and chat copious amounts of shit along the way. Earlier this year one of our hosts curated a successful 20 track various artists release with all proceeds going towards Ocean restoration charity. This release showcased a full spectrum compilation featuring some of our favourite artists & homies. Check out the link attached below! We've got many exciting things lined up for the future, so make sure to keep it locked. Twisted: What are you hoping to bring to the table at this year's Twisted? TGR: Well over here at The Green Room we are all about vision. Bringing 12 hours of strictly NZ music to one of our favourite stages is rather exciting, and we are stoked to be able to highlight some of our shows' allstars, live to a dance floor, sending off the final night of the festival. It's been epic to curate a versatile lineup filled with top tier DJs ranging from emerging talent to well known names in the scene. We are also bringing the element of LIVE hardware sets throughout the night. Keep an eye out for Shankara, Keanu Raves, Adam Hollobon, Conscious Rhythm & Current Bias in this regard. Big up. As far as the music journey unfolds, we've aimed to provide a full spectrum night covering our favourite aspects of electronica. It's gonna be dubbed out, dancy & straight vibes all the way through. Along the ride we have a bunch of surprises lined up, including a few giveaways from the show's sponsors. Shout outs RDU, Main Divide Wine, NZ On Air, Grass Fed Sound System & Twisted Frequency for the support. The Chillery is in for a sheller. Twisted: How do you relate to Twisted? TGR: Twisted's multicultural and diverse qualities resonate with us, and we believe our vision aligns with what the experience has to offer. Our core theme for the radio show is 100% Produced NZ music, so it seemed apparent to us that the concept would slot right in with the festival. We love sharing music. Whether it be from upcoming producers, to internationally acclaimed artists, we strive to keep the underground alive and provide a platform where we can showcase Aotearoa's talent to the masses. Each of our crew have had various involvements with the festival for the past 4-7 years, and it's safe to say our experiences have been large parts of our musical journeys, as a collective and individually. It's definitely exciting to be uniting our skill & passion this time around to birth the fresh entity of an all-night takeover session. Twisted: Have you got any final mentions or plugs? TGR: Be sure to scope this link to stream and download TGRV001, our ‘Green Visions’ Various Artists Compilation with all proceeds going towards Aotearoa Ocean restoration charities. Beyond excited to catch yall inna dance style. Biggest of ups & Nga mihi,The Green Room. Biggest of ups back to The Green Room! It always makes us proud to hear about Aotearoa electronica getting a strong focus and we are absolutely fizzing for The Green Room stage takeover. Catch you on the next Sunday shoutout!

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