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Volunteering is a integral part of our festival, we need help from motivated people to make the festival great!

As a volunteer, you are required to pay for your ticket to the event. You will be reimbursed for your ticket cost, provided you attend come to ALL your rostered shifts. That's the deal, simple as. We have a special ticket gateway for volunteers, which means you can get a slightly lower ticket price - we'll send you the link if we book you in for helping out.

If you're keen to join the team and help us out, there are lots of jobs that we will need help with - before, during and after the event, here are an example of some of the things we need help with..

Before the event:

  • being directed by our wonderful building, construction and decor teams to make the festival look AWESOME!

During the event:

  • monitoring the recycling stations - help keeping it GREEN!
  • maintaining our fantastic toilets
  • helping other festival goers at the INFO TENT
  • Traffic Management
  • Join our "Twisted Kitchen team", a Twisted run food stall ensuring Kai is available all day and night. You will need to have some kitchen experience to take on this role

After the event:

  • conducting a thorough site inspection to make sure that we leave the land BEAUTIFUL and CLEAN
  • deconstruction of the infrastructure
  • recycling, dismantling and packing down the festival

There are different reimbursement levels for your efforts, and we need people for all times before, during and after. So please let us know which ones work for you!

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Thanks, please take some time to let us know what you can offer us!

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Your contact details

Have some wicked clothing you'd like to share with some cool people? Have some cool items you'd like to sell?

Let us know a little about your stall and what you'd like to do.

Please note, we do have some conditions for the marketplace:

  1. No CHEAP PLASTIC from overseas!

About the stalls

If you are accepted, there are NO SITE FEES.

You MUST buy a ticket for EACH person who will be working on the stall.

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Have a great food idea?

Let us know a little about your stall and what you'd like to do.

Please note, we do have some conditions for food vendors:

  1. ALL single use cutlery, plates, cups need to be COMPOSTABLE (not biodegradeable, COMPOSTABLE). If you want help transitioning to using compostable serving equipment then we can help you find the way. 
  2. We try to avoid over stocking on the same types of food, so we need to know exactly what you're wanting to sell - this is to make sure that all vendors that come have a fair chance at making it worth their while :)
  3. We will be strictly enforcing this, so make sure you talk to us and understand BEFORE organising your stall. This is so we can all show some love to our planet :)

What does it cost? 

Food vendors are required to pay a bond to reserve their spot at the event. This bond is returned at the end of the event.

There are no site fees for running a food stall, prior to accepting your application we will negotiate an exchange of credit at your stall which will be redeemed via vouchers for the crew and artists during the event. This depends on what you are selling, so it is a case-by-case basis :) If you prefer to negotiate a site fee to keep things simple for you, we may consider this, however we need to have help with meal vouchers for crew and artists and have found that vendors find this approach suitable.

Festival Entry Costs + Helpers

Stall owners and any helpers need to purchase tickets (we've found it the simplest way to handle this). After accepting your application we have a way for you to buy tickets through our website at a slightly discounted rate to make it more accessible for you.

What is provided?

We provide water and electricity.

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That sounds good, just fill out your details below and let us know a little about yourself :)

We are always looking for keen people to come and be onsite for 2-6 weeks over the whole setup, party, packdown process.

This is always handled on a case-by-case basis, and we look after each other during the setup and packdown with lots of yummy food and good times :)

Your contact details

Please visit our FAQ page to check out questions first then get in contact with us :)

It might also help to check out our news / updates.

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