Our mission statement:

To aid the growth of music and art across Aotearoa and the world.
To bring happiness and connection to our wider international family and on our own shores.
To build a community that thrives in strength and creativity and trains its focus and the focus of the future generations that follow it on sustainable, safe, EPIC parties.
Everybody attending the festival, whether that is to work, perform or attend will need to be double vaccinated and hold a valid vaccine certificate to get in the gate. Under the current regulations it is imperative for the safety of the entire festival that there are ZERO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE. If you or someone you are with doesn't have their vaccination certificate you will be turned around at the gate and there will be no refund offered for ticket holders. This includes if you have a purple vaccination card but no certificate. The only way to gain entry is to be double vaccinated. Remember there is no reception on site so please download your pass to your phone before coming into the valley or bring a printed version. If you don't have the right documentation to get one through the website you can call them and confirm your details (at 0800 222 478), they will email one through. Alternatively, you can receive a printed version from most pharmacies. Only legitimate exemptions issued by the ministry of health will be accepted. There have been many invalid exemptions issued so it is important that you ensure that yours is valid if you want to gain entry to the festival.https://www.health.govt.nz/our-work/diseases-and-conditions/covid-19-novel-coronavirus/covid-19-response-planning/covid-19-mandatory-vaccinations/covid-19-exemptions-mandatory-vaccinationIf you aren't able to have your vaccine pass or exemption organized before the festival please let us know as soon as possible.
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Now we FEAST!

Bass Taster reservations open! As we get closer to summer we are once again bringing you a series of events to whet your whistle and get you warmed up for new years. Bass taster has become somewhat of a tradition in Twisted Frequency Lore, A sonic feast crossing a variety of bass flavours. The menu has been crafted to satisfy all manner of audiophile, a smorgasboard of scrumptious noise. The lineup is set to be announced shortly, expect an entrée of dubstep, a main course of DNB and a delightful jungle dessert.

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