Mission Statement

To aid the growth of music and art across Aotearoa and the world. To bring happiness and connection to our wider international family and on our own shores. To build a community that thrives in strength and creativity and trains its focus and the focus of the future generations that follow it on sustainable, safe, EPIC parties.

Why We Do It

Community, Connection, Culture - We truly believe in the transformative nature of outdoor music festivals. The effect that they can and have had on people is immense and has been the saviour of many a lost soul. Through these events bonds are forged and creative passion is found and fueled in a way that is difficult to measure. These gatherings offer a unique freedom of expression and often leave behind an afterglow of profound joy as well as forging memories and friendships that last a lifetime. We feel it is our duty to protect this vital experience and build it into something that new generations can enter with safety, kindness and acceptance at the forefront of their experience.


Ask every time. Listen every time. And respect the answer every time. 

Look after your body

We’ve laid out some helpful tips to ensure you’re ready to dive straight in.

River Care

Do you part. Conserve our unique awa, as well as the flora and fauna that were here long before us.

Dancefloor Etiquitte

Whether you’ve been hitting dancefloors for decades, or you’re new to the scene, it’s important to have a think about what we bring to any dance floor and being considerate of other peoples space and experience.


Although we all hope that this sort of thing doesn’t happen in our communities, unfortunately it is all too common. It is up to all of us to check ourselves and our mates, look out for one another and make our communities safer, together <3

Twisted Frequency Mindful Camping Series – Article 1: Camping Waste

This article explores the effects of camping waste on our beautiful land and all its amazing little critters, and offers some ideas on how to minimise the generation of avoidable waste while camping.

Twisted Frequency Mindful Camping Series – Article 2: Waterways

This article looks at the effect camping can have on our rivers and lakes, and all the creatures that live in them. We’ve also got some suggestions on how to lessen our impact on these resources while camping.

Twisted Frequency Mindful Camping Series – Article 3: Fire

This article is about the very scary threat that fire poses to our natural environments. We strongly urge that you think very carefully before ever lighting a fire while spending time outdoors.

Concluding – the Twisted Frequency Mindful Camping Series!

This is the conclusion of our Mindful Camping series, and contains our takeaway thoughts from the series. Thanks for reading, we hope you’ve enjoyed the series!

Twisted Frequency Harm Reduction Series – Article 1: Physical Harm Reduction

This article series discusses how the different factors of a festival environment can impact your body in mind in different ways from everyday life. We want to use our platform to make sure that everyone has the tools to keep themselves safe and happy in a festival environment! This article introduces the series and offers us some festival-specific physical harm reduction tips.

Twisted Frequency Harm Reduction Series – Article 2: Mental Harm Reduction

It's not just your physical body you need to think about taking care of in a festival environment - your mind needs some TLC as well! This concluding article contains some tips about looking after your mental health and that of those around you, and information about the awesome resources that Twisted Frequency offers to best look after everyone at our events.

Psy-Care & Keeping Safe at Festivals

Psy-Care is a collective of passionate volunteers focused on harm reduction, drug education, and consent culture. They have been attending festivals around Aotearoa since 2015 providing a space for people in need of care, and have grown into an integral part of event production and safety in the area.

Introducing – the Twisted Frequency Mindful Camping Series!

We love our natural environment and spending time outdoors - and we know you do too! We’ve put together a series of articles to discuss the ways that camping can affect our environment, and small steps we can collectively take to minimise our impact.

Reducing our doofprint

The summer season is fast approaching and the dance floors are patiently awaiting the impending stomps. As we begin to get our festival rig sorted, lets take a little time to think about tangible ways that we can ALL decrease the impact we leave at our favourite places, and the surrounding eco-system.


During the build out here we have been absolutely loving hearing the SKRAAARK of the Keas swirling above us, Wild Kea only exist in the South Island of NZ in and around alpine areas. It is another daily reminder of the precious whenua we are priviliged enough to be running a festival on.

Psy-Care NZ

The folks at Psy-Care NZ have been an integral part of shaping culture and practice of underground outdoor festivals in NZ,and will return to Twisted Frequency 2023. We have seen this beautiful crew grow and evolve at an astounding rate and never stray from their mission of making parties safer and offering their love and support for anyone who comes their way. Here they tell us the story of how Psy-Care came to be.

Know Your Stuff NZ

KnowYourStuffNZ are the truly legendary folks we want to give a massive Shout Out to, returning to this year's festival. They do absolutely crucial work and we are so grateful for their huge contribution looking after festival/gig communities.

Ngā Kaitiaki

Nga Kaitiaki is without a doubt a hugely important contributor to safety and harm minimisation in the wider NZ underground scene ❤ We are deeply thankful for all of the difficult but essential mahi these legends have been doing.

Twisted Frequency Mindful Camping Series – Article 1: Camping Waste

This article explores the effects of camping waste on our beautiful land and all its amazing little critters, and offers some ideas on how to minimise the generation of avoidable waste while camping.

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