I can no longer make it, can I sell my ticket to another person?

Yes you can! Head to Tixel for safe resale.

To sell your ticket, please use the email forward option —> https://tixel.com/sell/email

Buy, or join the waitlist here —> https://tixel.com/nz/music-tickets/2020/12/30/twisted-frequency-festival-2020-

OR email tickets@cosmicticketing.co.nz if you got one of the first wave tickets ❤

Can I work for a ticket?

We accept volunteers in exchange for tickets :) However, you still need to buy your ticket and we refund you later, so grab a ticket, and then visit our Get Involved page to apply to work with us!

Terms & Conditions of Entry

Terms and conditions between ticket holders for Twisted Frequency New Years Festival 2020 (you) and the organisers of Twisted Frequency Festival (us, we, our).

By buying this ticket you are agreeing to our terms and conditions which includes the following information.


Please note if you are unable to attend for ANY REASON we will not be offering refunds.

Although NZ is in a great position and we do not foresee any issue in terms of operating a large event, should conditions change due to any COVID19 outbreaks and the event is unable to transpire, the refund process lies directly with Twisted Frequency Ltd and not the ticketing company. We take full responsibility for any refunds or non-refunds once you have purchased your ticket, if the event is cancelled, we will be in touch with all ticket holders in due course regarding all information you need to know.

At this point in the event of cancellation we will be either offering tickets for the next years event and/or a partial refund .


Tickets can be on sold, but must have the name of the ticket holder altered through Cosmic Ticketing. Please be wary of scammers and fraudulent event pages etc.  

Tickets can be on sold, but must have the name of the ticket holder altered through Cosmic Corner. Please be wary of scammers and fraudulent event pages etc.

  1. By attending the festival and redeeming your ticket you acknowledge your acceptance of these conditions.
  2. We may update these terms and conditions without notice.
  3. We reserve the right to REMOVE any INDIVIDUALS at OUR DISCRECTION. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards SEXUAL MISCONDUCT of ANY KIND. You are required to be conscious of EVERYONES PERSONAL SPACE. It is important that all attending feel SAFE and COMFORTABLE, AT ALL TIMES.
  4. We reserve the right to REFUSE ADMISSION at OUR DISCRETION. All attending are to be conscious of their effect on the people around them, anyone found to be negatively affecting others or being unsafe will be escorted off site.
  5. Upon entry you will be provided with a wrist-band. Any people found without wrist-bands will be removed, unless you can provide proof of your ticket.
  6. People under 18 can only attend if accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  7. You agree to the Twisted Frequency Waste Management Plan and acknowledge that you are required to leave your campsite clean.
  8. The following are not permitted onsite:
    1. Dogs
    2. Glass
    3. Dangerous items
    4. Prohibited items
    5. Fireworks
  9. Vehicles will be searched for GLASS when you arrive, this is to make sure we keep the festival safe for everyone.
  10. Fires are not permitted ANYWHERE onsite.
  11. Vehicles are not allowed to leave the campsite / parking area unless leaving the festival, no driving around in your cars.
  12. This is an ALCOHOL FREE event, we will not be selling alcohol onsite.
  13. We will not be liable for any injury, death or loss/damage of property. By entering the festival, you are accepting these terms and that we cannot be held responsible.

Twisted Frequency Waste Management Plan

We have tried various different methods over our last few festivals and we have decided to try something different this year.

This Waste Management Plan is designed to encourage awareness of individual consumption and protect our beautiful environment.

Our Recycling Hubs

We will have multiple "hubs" onsite accepting RECYCLABLE and COMPOSTABLE waste. These hubs will be manned 24/7, however YOU will be responsible for sorting your waste into the right area.

Anything dropped off at the hubs is FREE OF CHARGE and is covered in your ticket cost (woo!)

Rubbish Zone

There will be ONE PLACE for disposal of non-recyclable and non-compostable waste. Any RUBBISH to be disposed of here you need to pay for. We will charge you PER BAG of rubbish that you bring to the rubbish zone.

Please note - we aren't trying to make money off this, any extra revenue that is generated will be donated to the local food bank :) This is about protecting our environment and making us aware of our impact!

End of Festival

At the end of the festival there will be Site Wardens overseeing campers packing up. Your Site Warden will provide you with rubbish bags to clean up your site.

As part of the Terms and Conditions of entry, you are required to leave your campsite clean and you will not be permitted to leave until you have RECYCLED everything you can and either paid for your rubbish (or decided to take it with you).

Food Marketplace

To encourage the best possible environmental practices, food venders are required to use only COMPOSTABLE cutlery & plates, so this can be disposed of for FREE at our Recycling Hubs.

Can I sleep in my campervan / car / van?


Can I leave during the festival?

You can leave to drive to town and stock up on supplies :) We will check your wrist-bands on the way back in and you should keep your ticket in your car to make things easier

Is there mobile reception?

There is VERY VERY limited cellphone reception only for one specific NZ network. We won't tell you which, so you can live in the now and with the fact you won’t be checking your phone for a few days.

Twisted Crew will have access to communications, so if there is an emergency, head to the info tent or grab anyone with a uniform!

Is there drinking water?

YES! Please bring a re-usable drink bottle, we won't be selling bottled water anywhere because we provide water :)

Will there be showers?

No showers unfortunately, there is a beautiful clean river onsite - please swim CAREFULLY and don't use any detergents or chemical-filled soaps. Buy some Dr. Bronners :)

Family Camping

We have a designated family camping area further away from the main flow of energy (and a little quieter!).

You and your children

Families need to be responsible for their children at all times, we cannot accept any liability for people's young ones, while we provide security and take great measures to make it a safe space, your children are your responsibility.

Every year we have families attend :)


We need PHOTO ID, for each person entering the festival. No, we WON'T let you in without ID. If you don't have a form of photo ID, you need to contact us prior to the festival.

The ID does not need to match the ticket name.

Food & Drink

We will have heaps of great food at our market, but you should bring plenty of food for yourself :) Unless you want to buy it all

Cigarette smokers..

Please bring a small container to put your ciggy butts in when you are running around, we want to leave the land as clean as when we arrived.


There are no ATM's onsite, no EFTPOS at stalls and you're going to want to take advantage of our awesome local food, and locally produced goods!

Camping setup

Your tent, a mattress, pillow and sleeping bag - so you can keep comfy in your down time!

Adequate shelter

Not just your tent, it's a good idea to bring a sun shade you can set up to hang out under during the day

Warm clothing for night time

and maybe a rain jacket.. just in case

Torch & batteries

and maybe some insect repellent.. we’ve got a large amount of sun and a small number of insects coming your way that you’ll want some protection from!

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us by visiting this page, please note, at times we end up receiving hundreds of emails and it may take a while to get a response to you.

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