Entry for main site camping opens at 9am. Entry for quiet camping opens at 3pm. If you arrive before your camp site opens for entry, you will be asked to turn around.

Our gates are open from 9am to 9pm each day of the festival. If you wish to drive on public roads you must be sober, and we will be checking this before you leave. On open day, gates are open from 9am for main site campers and 3pm for quiet campers.

Yes. As part of our environmental considerations, we ask you bring your own reusable bottle and we will provide fresh spring water.

No showers unfortunately, however there is a beautiful river onsite. Please swim CAREFULLY as there can be a strong current particularly after rainy weather, and don't use any detergents or chemical-filled soaps.


We're sorry to hear you can't make it :(

Fear not! You can resell your ticket via TIXEL, we do not operate this service or make any money from these transactions but have set it up for your convinience incase your plans change. Visit the link below to list your ticket.


Note: We do not offer any refunds but you will have no trouble reselling your ticket through TIXEL ^_^

We accept volunteers in exchange for tickets :) However, you still need to buy your ticket and we refund you later, so grab a ticket, and then visit our Get Involved page to apply to work with us!


Vehicles longer than 5 metres, or trailers/caravans etc., must camp in a designated zone at the quiet camping area.

If you have purchased a main site camping ticket and are bringing an oversized vehicle then you will be required to park in quiet camping large vehicle zone.

Terms and conditions between ticket holders for Twisted Frequency New Years Festival (you) and the organisers of Twisted Frequency Festival (us, we, our).

By buying this ticket you are agreeing to our terms and conditions which includes the following information.

Please note if you are unable to attend for ANY REASON we will not be offering refunds.

In the event of cancellation we will be either offering tickets for the next years event and/or a partial refund .

Tickets can be on sold, but must have the name of the ticket holder altered through Cosmic and resold through TIXEL. Please be wary of scammers and fraudulent event pages etc.

By attending the festival and redeeming your ticket you acknowledge your acceptance of these conditions.

We may update these terms and conditions without notice.

We reserve the right to REMOVE any INDIVIDUALS at OUR DISCRECTION. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards SEXUAL MISCONDUCT of ANY KIND. You are required to be conscious of EVERYONES PERSONAL SPACE. It is important that all attending feel SAFE and COMFORTABLE, AT ALL TIMES.

We reserve the right to REFUSE ADMISSION at OUR DISCRETION. All attending are to be conscious of their effect on the people around them, anyone found to be negatively affecting others or being unsafe will be escorted off site.

Upon entry you will be provided with a wrist-band. Any people found without wrist-bands will be removed, unless you can provide proof of your ticket.

People under 18 can only attend if accompanied by a legal parent or guardian. You will be asked to provide proof upon entry.

You agree to the Twisted Frequency Waste Management Plan and acknowledge that you are required to leave your campsite clean.

The following are not permitted onsite:

  • Dogs
  • Glass
  • Dangerous items
  • Prohibited items
  • Fireworks

Vehicles will be searched for GLASS when you arrive, this is to make sure we keep the festival safe for everyone.

Fires are not permitted ANYWHERE onsite.

Vehicles are not allowed to leave the campsite / parking area unless leaving the festival, no driving around in your cars. There will be a Twisted Media team taking photos and videos during the event. By attending, you give your rights to be filmed or photographed.

This is an ALCOHOL FREE event, we will not be selling alcohol onsite.

We will not be liable for any injury, death or loss/damage of property. By entering the festival, you are accepting these terms and that we cannot be held responsible.


And insect repellent.. NZ has particularly high UV levels, and like any lush riverside location in Aotearoa, there are sandflies...

Adequate shelter

Not just your tent, it's a good idea to bring a sun shade you can set up to hang out under during the day.

Please do not bring gazebos

The high winds in the valley pick these up and they pose a danger to other festival goers. You can bring a tarp to tie up between vehicles, or head one of the shaded areas we provide at the stages.

Torch & batteries

While we light most of the main areas, it's a good idea to have your own source of light for getting around during the night.

Warm clothing for night time

And maybe a rain jacket.. just in case

Camping setup

Your tent, a mattress, pillow and sleeping bag - so you can keep comfy in your down time!


Although some of the stalls will have EFTPOS facilities there are no ATM's onsite so be sure to grab some cash out, and you're going to want to take advantage of our awesome local food, and locally produced goods!

Somewhere to put your rubbish

Please bring a small container to put your ciggy butts in (if you smoke cigarettes) when you are running around.

We want to leave the land as clean as when we arrived.

Reusable water bottle

As part of our environmental considerations, we ask you bring your own reusable bottle and we will provide fresh spring water.

Food & Drink

We will have heaps of great food at our market, but you should bring plenty of food for yourself :). Unless you want to buy it all.


We need your PHOTO ID. If you don't have a form of photo ID, you need to contact us prior to the festival.


If you're bringing a vehicle that you're not sleeping in, please park it on a hill.

There is VERY VERY limited cellphone reception only for one specific NZ network. We won't tell you which, so you can live in the now and prepare for the fact that you won’t be checking your phone for a few days.

Twisted Crew will have access to communications, so if there is an emergency, head to the info tent or speak to somone in the twisted crew/security team wearing a hi vis vest.

No ^_^

Anyone under 15 years is free. We recommend families camp in the quiet zone.

Families need to be responsible for, and supervise, their children at all times. While we provide security and take great measures to make it a safe space, we cannot accept any liability for people's young ones.

Your children are your responsibility.

Anyone under 18 will need to be accompanied by a legal parent or guardian to be allowed onsite. You will be asked to provide proof on entry.

When purchasing your ticket, you will have two options: main and quiet camping.

If you purchase a ticket for main site, you will be camping on the festival site where there will be 24/7 music.

From the quiet camp, access to the main site is a 5 minute shuttle ride. We ask that you do not walk to the main site as it is along a narrow public access road and poses dangers due to high speed traffic.

Shuttles will be running constantly between both camps for the duration of the festival.

Our Waste Management Plan is designed to encourage awareness of individual consumption and protect our beautiful environment.

We encourage you to reduce your footprint by firstly not bringing with you Marquee Tents, Glitter/Tinsel, Glow-sticks, and anything else that could become MOOP (Matter Out Of Place).

Our Recycling Hubs

We will have multiple "hubs" onsite accepting RECYCLABLE and COMPOSTABLE waste. YOU will be responsible for sorting your own waste into the correct area.

Anything dropped off at the hubs is FREE OF CHARGE and is covered in your ticket cost (woo!)

Rubbish Zone

There will be ONE PLACE for disposal of non-recyclable and non-compostable waste. We encourage you to take your rubbish back with you and dispose of at the local waste centre :)

End of Festival

At the end of the festival there will be Site Wardens overseeing campers packing up.

As part of the Terms and Conditions of entry, you are required to leave your campsite clean and you will not be permitted to leave until you have RECYCLED everything you can and taken your rubbish with you.

Food Marketplace

To encourage the best possible environmental practices, food venders are required to use only COMPOSTABLE cutlery & plates, so this can be disposed of for FREE at our Recycling Hubs.

Feel free to contact us by email: twistedfrequencyfestival@gmail.com

Please note, at times we end up receiving hundreds of emails and it may take a while to get a response to you.

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