Roll up, roll up! The circus is here!

This New Year’s the Twisted Circus are bringing all their circus toys, a healthy supply of fire fuel, and are inviting you to come play, learn new tricks and spin some FIRE!

New Years festival nz
New years festival south island
New years fest nz
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new years festival
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The crew hosts a range of flow artists from New Zealand bringing with them a variety of skills. Join in on our workshops, such as: Hula Hoop, Poi, Staff, Aerials, Rope Dart and so much more! We are running workshops in the afternoon over the 31st till the 2nd, midday until 5pm.We will have a big box of workshop props so don’t be shy to come pick up something and give it a go! (Just be kind and put it all back when you’re done) Spinning is a great way to expand your body and mind, learning new tricks helps build coordination and creates new neural pathways. Once again, we are also hosting a returning crowd favourite: The Twisted Cabaret! A showcase of some of our talented performers in which they will strut their stuff on stage just for you! Starting at 7.30pm in the Chillery, we cannot recommend checking this out enough! We also have an extra special treat for you, for the first time we will have the incredible Twisty Twins performing down by the Beat Bach stage on our enormous new high flying rig, plus a whole bunch of talented aerialists performing alongside the pumping beats. Circus and Flow Arts have long had a special place amongst our communities. From backyard fire jams, spins in the park, university circus clubs, events and showcase across NZs, to pumping fire/spin jams at festivals. Circus based festivals like Circulation, Northland Circus Festival and The New Zealand Juggling and Circus Festival have been running in New Zealand for many years (some for over a decade) which have helped foster this growing community. Flow arts is not only a fun pastime, but also a great way to meet new people, try new things and increase your coordination. It can also be used as a form of meditation, and it can help us feel at one with our body, mind and spirit. Awareness of fire safety and safety procedures has also been increasing, so we ask that everyone that comes to the fire circle at Twisted this year joins our culture of safe practice, and listens to the crew in charge of managing the fire circle. Twisted Frequency is run with the cooperation and support of the Takaka Volunteer Fire Brigade. Our procedures are to ensure the safety of everyone involved, and helps us look after the environment so we can keep coming back. So come on down and join us for some circus antics in the valley!

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