Anke Richter at Twisted 2024

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An aspect that is perhaps less known about Twisted is our endeavours to invite important figures from a wide range of disciplines to share their knowledge and experience with our community, With outdoor festivals being a bit of a strange place to come and teach/share, that isnt always the easiest task so when they decide to join us we are always so deeply appreciative of them taking the leap. This year we are proud to present a distinguished guest, Anke Richter, a renowned journalist and international bestselling author. Her latest book, 'Cult Trip - Inside the World of Coercion and Control,' has been making waves, taking readers on a captivating journey through the intricate dynamics of cults. Anke's work delves into the intriguing questions of how and why cults manage to captivate, ensnare, and disrupt the lives of seemingly ordinary people.

Join us as we delve into the compelling world that Anke has meticulously explored, uncovering the profound intricacies of cults. She has ventured from the emotional and criminal turmoil of Auckland's Centrepoint to the enigmatic realm of the infamous Osho's ashram in India. Her journey has taken her through the tantric Agama Yoga school in remote Thailand, and ultimately, to the captivating Gloriavale on the West Coast of the South Island. Along the way, she's unravelled a disturbing pattern of violence and suffering, shedding light on what truly transpires within these enigmatic groups we commonly refer to as 'cults.'

Anke Richter is a wealth of knowledge, and she's eager to share her profound insights and lessons with us. You won't want to miss this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of this mysterious world. We are thrilled to have Anke join us at Twisted Frequency 2024!

Photo Credit: Emma Wallbanks

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