Citadel Records Sunday Shoutout!

We’re back again to throw the spotlight on another amazing crew that has been making waves across the motu.

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Introducing Citadel Records! This four-person collective is not just making music; they're sculpting an auditory experience that transcends the ordinary. Citadel Records emerged as a beacon of innovation in the realm of experimental sounds, exploring uncharted territories within the expansive landscape of hip hop. Read on to hear from Citadel themselves.

Twisted: Tell us a bit about how Citadel Records came about and where you want to go

Citadel Records: Citadel Records is an experimental hip hop collective consisting of 990x, Sauron, Iji, and Wear Poumanu. This was born from a shared love for music and a vision to unite SoundCloud's underground music scene. The group's primary goal is to explore the limits of trap production, seeking to push the boundaries of this genre into the spiritual realm and beyond.

Twisted: Tell us about your sound - What are we in for?

Citadel Records: Citadel Records draws inspiration from their profound connection with nature and the land, expressed in their music through folk samples, organic soundscapes, and the inclusion of nature's soothing sounds. This environmental sound harmonises with the festival, known for celebrating the beauty of the outdoors and the psychedelic roots of the music scene. The emotional resonance of the music created by the groups uplifting melodies, introspective soundscapes and nature infused sounds creates the perfect immersive experience for festival-goers.

Our crew will be reuniting again for the first time in a while and we are all excited to make some cool memories with the festival. We are all super happy about being able to perform and expose our sound to a new audience. Not only are we keen to perform but also make new connections and discover new artists at the festival.

Twisted: Do you have a favourite moment together?

Citadel Records: When we went from being friends in discord to all meeting up at Sauron's house in Brisbane where we found ourselves simultaneously taking ice baths back to back, while cooking up beats.

Twisted: What are you up to before Twisted?

Citadel Records: The crew will be kicking back in Wellington and making new music collaboratively. we may even do another show...stay tuned!

Big ups to Citadel Records! We can’t wait to watch them push the limits and take hip hop to places we didn’t even know existed. Be sure to catch them at this year’s Twisted Frequency and jump over to the music tab to scope the full lineup.


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