Speed Networking at Twisted!

These meetings are intended to break the ice and introduce ourselves to new people,  so we can take these connections out into the big wide world and do some cool stuff!

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New years fest nz
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One of the things that we feel is most important about underground outdoor festivals have always been the connections that form as a result of these events taking place. Simply by being in the same space new connections are formed that change our paths for the better. Be it artists from around the world meeting and collaborating, expanding the crew for other creative projects or simply meeting new beautiful humans, Twisted has long been a place for forging new bonds and strengthening existing ones. We have decided to take that one step further by facilitating four intentional speed networking events where participants will have a chance to link up with people on a similar buzz/mission OR just make some new friends! How are we gonna do it? To put it simply, You will sit with a stranger and have a chunk of time to speak and get to know what they are about, When the buzzer goes you will swap over to a new human and do it all again. These meetings are intended to break the ice and introduce ourselves to new people,  so we can take these connections out into the big wide world and do some cool stuff ^_^ Sounding like something you're into? Heres the plan: 30th: Twisted Whānau meetup: Whether you're new to Twisted, don't know many peeps and wanna make some new friends or you're a social butterfly and want to make heaps more - This is the one for you. Taking place right before the opening ceremony, sit down for a sec and connect with fellow music/art/nature lovers, put some faces to names and see where it goes over the following 5 days! 31st: Promoters meetup: The sheer amount of amazing people across Aotearoa who put on events is crazy. At Twisted we are surrounded by tonnes of talented movers and shakers who make things happen and we wanted to put them all in one place and make sure they are linked up! This is for anyone who has a project, be it a festival, indoor events or anything of the sort to see if we can seed the process of sharing resources and info and help things flow even smoother into the coming year <3 1st: Producers meetup: For music producers of all kinds, If you make noise on a computer and want to talk about it/share it/meet someone who can tell you if your snare sounds shit (Or great!) then join this dusty bunch of sound nerds in a hearty yarn, a chance to talk about your projects and potentially connect and collaborate with other artists on a similar vibe! 2nd: Change makers: Whether you are a hardcore activist already or someone who is passionate about making change we invite you along to meet fellow folks who give a fuck about the state of it and find out what they are doing/want to do to make a difference. Almost everyone in our community has some cause they are passionate about, Lets make the most of this and use Twisted as a platform to do better! Climate change, LGBTQ rights, racial oppression or any number of pressing issues might come up here, the main point is that we meet each other, listen to one another, and see what we can do together!

Pick one and make a mental note to find it in the festival guide! Networking within our communities is something that can lead to incredible opportunities, friendships, and creative synergies that change the course of life for many and that is a very important thing for us to observe and embrace!

Disclaimer: This photo is actually our wonderful Psy care team having a meeting pre fest but it fits the vibe of what we are trying to do, like-minded folks sitting together with a purpose

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