Foodcourt Sunday Shoutout

Hear the stories, passion, and vision of Foodcourt as they take us on a mini-journey through their inner workings.

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It’s that time of the week again! are fizzing to share their first festival takeover with you. These folk are all about celebrating diversity and providing a safe space for people to be free - massive shoutouts to that kaupapa!

Read on to hear the stories, passion, and vision of Foodcourt as they take us on a mini-journey through their inner workings.

Twisted: How do you feel your crew’s purpose relates to Twisted and what are you looking forward to for this year's takeover?

Foodcourt: Twisted for me, has always been about representation, community and providing safe spaces to people to be free and that is exactly what Foodcourt is. A night to bring everyone together, community, belonging and to be able to be who you want, play what you want and dance how you want. 

What excites me about Twisted and being apart of Twisted this year is, firstly, our first festival takeover, *pinching* and secondly to be a part of this beautiful underground community even more, connecting with others who may not be in the Ōtautahi scene and having a great time with some fabulous humans. Foodcourt or as we are calling our take-over Twisted Court is bringing a rolling b6b of amazing artists - Mr Meaty Boy, Waewaexpress, Infordin, Barns, Finn and Toronja. A diverse, sexy and absolute smorgasbord of flavour. We are starting around the 110bpm mark taking you on a 3 hour course meal to 160bpm, showing off a wide range of genres, style and big Whānau vibes. 

Twisted: Tell us about the origin of Foodcourt

Foodcourt: Foodcourt started as a way to highlight communities that were being overlooked in the Ōtautahi scene. We wanted to create a night that normalises diversity on the lineup as well as on the dance - floor. Our kaupapa is to bring BIPOC to the forefront of the night, but in a way of normalising it and not just a night for one group. Just like any foodcourt, you have all different cuisines to taste from, Foodcourt does the same but with more seasoning, spice and flavour. We take pride in providing safety, belonging, community and big ass shaking nights. 

Twisted: What are you most proud of?

Foodcourt: The first gig we ran! It was a cold, windy night but the people showed up and wanted to dance. Caru was playing a bootleg of Nesian Mystik and everyone was screaming the lyrics and dancing. Hearing multiple 'cheehooo's' made my heart flutter. The community vibes were on and it was a very special night for Foodcourt. 

Twisted: What’s coming up in the future for Foodcourt?

Foodcourt: A few exciting endeavours for next year, one that I wish I could tell - hint - something to do with lips and castles, Two Minds festival in March and working with other Aotearoa collectives - Phys Ed, Insessionz and Full Disclosure to bring a sexy day/night party festival - you heard it hear first! 

A big kia ora to the twisted Whānau, I can't wait to be there, meet everyone and show off a wee part of Foodcourt. Thank you so much!

Catch Foodcourt’s takeover at The Dojo at Twisted Frequency 2024. Without folk like these, we wouldn’t have such a diverse and rich culture in our scenes. Massive shoutouts to everything this crew has to offer - bring on the Foodcourt takeover!! 







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