TRASHPALACE Sunday Shoutout

Expect an oasis of chillness and all things weird and wonderful. Keep reading to hear straight from the minds of TRASHPALACE.

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Woah where did the year go? It’s November already?! That means only two months until we host another unforgettable Twisted in The Cobb. We have an extra special treat for you this year. The wonderful folks at TRASHPALACE are hosting a movie night at Twisted Frequency 2024! Shoutouts to these wonderful humans. Expect an oasis of chillness and all things weird and wonderful. Keep reading to hear straight from the minds of TRASHPALACE.

Twisted: What’s TRASHPALACE all about?

TRASHPALACE: TRASHPALACE is a film club that has been running intermittently since approx 2014. It is an open and welcoming community dedicated to the celebration of outsider, strange, experimental and cult cinema - we host free weekly screenings of weird and unusual films, curated with a thematic preshow of trailers and shorts. In addition to the weekly screenings we have had a range of special events including guest curators, double-features, secret screenings, open-airs, alternative-formats and an annual 12hr movie marathon. The annual 12hr movie marathon is always a highlight for me personally, although i am most proud of the screenings where we premier the short films made by our friends and whānau.

Twisted: What have you got in store for us this year at Twisted?

TRASHPALACE: This is the first time we have (officially) hosted TRASHPALACE film screenings at a festival and i am so excited for it - has always been a dream of mine to combine my love of sharing films with my love of outdoor festivals. My vision is to create a safe, cozy and inviting drop-in/drop-out cinema that will be running all night - an alternative activity to full-throttle party mode of nye for whenever you may need it. We will keep the programming not too intense or dark for this take-over while still offering plenty of brain-melting, weird and wtf moments that TRASHPALACE is known for! You can count on Twisted Frequency to curate a great line-up of weird, underground & experimental electronic music that pushes boundaries and rejects mainstream - and i feel like this is the same thing TRASHPALACE tries to do with our film curation.

Twisted: Have you got anything in the mix over the next couple of months?

TRASHPALACE: If you are in Wellington, we’ve still got a few more weekly screenings this year (we usually take hiatus over summer though while the nights are light and warm). We also host the weeks film online for 7 days after the screening for all those who can not make it in person - can find this and more info at You can also join our email mailing list, and check out our instagram for more things TRASHPALACE.

Shoutouts to TRASHPALACE! We are fizzing to celebrate outsider, strange, experimental and cult cinema with these folk this year!

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