Kahurangi National Park

The second largest of Aotearoa's national parks.

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New Years festival nz
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Golden Bay holds the well-deserved title of being THE dance party mecca of Aotearoa, and comes with its own unique scenery and natural history. Twisted Frequency is dedicated to preserving and nurturing this vibrant culture, nestled in the enchanting Cobb Valley. As you journey into the Cobb, the stunning scenery is merely a prelude to the adventure that awaits.

As we prepare to celebrate another year of music, art, and dance, we invite you to delve into the rich history that has shaped this extraordinary place and consider the natural wonders that lie just beyond our festival grounds. Before we catch you in the Cobb, let us introduce you to a hidden gem that lies within arm's reach, Kahurangi National Park.

The name 'Kahurangi,' which means 'treasured possession,' which perfectly encapsulates New Zealand's second-largest national park, a marvellous wonderland spanning 450,000 hectares from Golden Bay in the North to Murchison in the South. This ecologically rich park, established in 1996, emphasises the preservation of biodiversity and geodiversity. It offers an incredible variety of altitudes and whenua, creating unique habitats for a diverse array of Aotearoa’s flora and fauna.

If you can, we cannot recommend enough for you to take some time either side of your new year celebration to explore the incredible Golden Bay region.

Kahurangi National Park boasts over 570 kilometres of tramping tracks, some of which reveal New Zealand's oldest and most stunning marble and karst landforms. One such gem is the famous Heaphy Track, designated an official "Great Walk" by Aotearoa's Department of Conservation. The 82-kilometre Heaphy Track traverses ruggedly beautiful landscapes, taking hikers through alpine meadows, along a spectacular coastline, and into valleys of Nikau and other native palms. It is the longest of New Zealand's Great Walks and suitable for moderately fit people of all ages, usually taking about 5-6 days to complete. For those seeking a shorter adventure, there are plenty of day trip options from nearby towns like Motueka, Takaka, Karamea, and Murchison.

As we embark on the upcoming Twisted Frequency Festival, let us embrace not only the vibrant history of music and dance that has graced Golden Bay but also the treasured possession that is Kahurangi National Park. Together, we celebrate culture, nature, and the enduring spirit of this remarkable region. It's a journey worth making, and a festival experience like no other. We are extremely lucky to call the Cobb Valley home and we ask that you do not take this beautiful space for granted and do everything in your power to leave the river clean and the land unsullied.

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