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Its Sunday Shoutout season yo!

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New Years festival nz
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Once again in the lead up to new years we’ll be shouting out some of the epic crews that are getting amongst it this year. Each week we will be sharing our love and appreciation for some of the amazing people that contribute their time and creativity to make this festival tick.

This week's shoutout is dedicated to Tubs and the epic team at @tubsaudio! If you haven’t already heard of this crew and experienced their sound systems, you've been missing out. Tubs is without a doubt one of the most renowned and respected outfits building custom systems across the motu and we are absolutely fizzing to announce that this crew of sonic wizards are taking charge of our main stage this year!

We had a kōrero with Tubs about where they’ve come from, some highlights over the years, and what’s in store for the future.

Twisted: What’s the origin story and kaupapa of Tubs Audio? 

Tubs: We formed Tubs Audio with the idea that a basic human need for healing and growth is authentic connection to music. This sentiment remains at the core of everything we do. Our kaupapa is to elevate consciousness through music, and provide the clearest connection possible between artist and audience. With applied physics, state of the art design tools & ruthlessly pragmatic craftsmanship, we make sure to optimise our systems for your enjoyment.

Twisted: What are your favourite memories with the sound system being created or used?

Tubs: We ran two Hang of Flatline tops with four LVT8 as kicks, and 4 NRG215 subs at 121 Festival in 2023, this was in a shed with one open end at about 40 metres from the stage. You could see the crowd spilling out the back and heaving inside but you couldn’t see beyond that. The sound was complete and powerful. If you ventured along the left wall past the smoke you’d be transported to a complete other world, deep inside a sonically sorted UK club with sound that has space, depth, and separation, and body flexing bass. Miley Serious was spinning a mind bending genre hopping journey through time and we were all transfixed. Another one was a smaller rig at Splore 2023, while Amanda Mania was playing a sundown set to about 1500 people on the beach. There was a young family there and two of the kids (about three and five years old) were throwing shapes on top of a picnic table with the 1500 other people, and Amanda sending them vibes and encouragement. It was a tough festival for us with crazy rain and a stage at either end of an obstacle course, but this moment was a watershed one for our team. I personally shed some eye water, just epic to be part of a moment like that and so good to see one generation uplifted by another with reverence, respect, and love. 

Twisted: What excites you about bringing the system to Twisted?

Tubs: For a long time Twisted has been a place where I’ve felt drawn to, a place where our friends love to play and be, and also a place we have never been. It’s going to be an adventure in sound and in general for the Tubs Whānau. Twisted is definitely the jewel in so many peoples' summer crown. This won’t be our first time in the Bay as we were lucky enough to be selected by Holly Hot Chips of Roots Bar, Tākaka to help rekindle the dance scene after the pandemic. Roots is a tiny space and we specced what we thought were some reasonable subs for the space, DCI12. Turns out the bay loves the bass, and that’s no joke west of the hill. Now, thanks to Amy Soulfire and Zuke’s gentle suggestions, there are some bigger Tubs DCL18 subs flexing roots these days. Needless to say we won’t be caught in the vicinity of Tākaka, or anywhere else, without enough bottom end again. 

Twisted: What are some visions for the future of Tubs?

Tubs: As far as what the future holds for Tubs, I think we need to keep on the path while balancing doing it for the love, while knowing our worth. The path as we see it leads to being the go-to solution for anyone who wants the best sound experience and we are so excited to be able to share that at Twisted Frequency 2023/24!

Well, there you have it folks. Shoutouts and big ups to @tubsaudio! We’re counting down the days until we can shake our booties to the epic Tubs sound system on the main stage! Catch you next sunday xo

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