Toothfish is a fictional environmental activist cum street artist who uses posters to raise awareness of environmental/political issues which affect you. Toothfish are also a species of deep water fish which live in the Southern Ocean and around the continent of Antarctica.

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This year we are excited to be showcasing a back catalog of posters from legendary NZ artist/Activist: Toothfish. For many years now they have been behind a massive range of campaigns fighting for an enormous variety of important causes, more recently they have teamed up with the Extinction Rebellion crew. A a world wide movement that is taking REAL ACTION against the big industry giants that are driving the planet into global disaster and our flora and fauna into an early grave. We will be holding a silent auction on their poster collection, with all proceeds going directly to help fund the tremendous mahi that the XR activists are doing.

Be sure to check out his website to learn about his previous work: AND get involved with these absolute weapons too:

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