Stone Seed



On the forefront of the “bush techno” movement, ZigMon intentionally delivers something unexpected and unique with each performance, compelling an emotive journey without the confines of genre. As founder of Stone Seed and resident artist of SixthSense Australia and archbishop at Church of Techno, ZigMon’s bountiful projects and creative outlets allow the space for him to break the boundaries of techno, progressive, house and electronica, generating encapsulating dancefloor dynamics with deepened drive, elated euphoria and a slice of psychedelia. A vagabond of the festival community, ZigMon’s diverse energies have compelled Boom’s Alchemy Circle (Portugal), Fusion’s Tanzwüste Stage (Germany), Kosmos (Finland), Bucht Der Traumer (Germany), Groove & Bass (Canada), Half Moon (Thailand), Twisted Frequency (New Zealand), Splendour In The Grass, Rainbow Serpent, Strawberry Fields and Esoteric, as well as annually at Earth Frequency, Dragon Dreaming, Rabbits Eat Lettuce and Elements. Consistently traversing the club circuit, his résumé is topped by closing the Hammahalle main room at the famed Sisyphos, Berlin. Connecting a thriving progressive, psychedelic and bush techno scene throughout the world, ZigMon delivers heartfelt efforts and innovation that shimmers through the modern music industry congestion.

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