Uber Driver

Racquet Club. Big Fresh Collective.

Te Whanganui-a-tara, Aotearoa


Uber Driver has quietly carved out a distinctive place for himself in the Aotearoa dance music scene over the last 6 years. With sets spanning house, techno, juke, booty bass, R&B and more, he’s developed a diversity few can match, where the only thing guaranteed is certified party shit. He continues to pop off in a myriad of contexts from top surgery fundraisers to international club nights and performing as one half of MF Freeki with Deejay Some663. Through his label Racquet Club he’s overseen six main label releases, hosted internationals such as Kush Jones, Chaos in the CBD, Marcellus Pittman, Al Wootton, Loefah and even organised a nationwide tour for our hometown hero DJ Fuckoff. With more releases and shows in the pipeline, Uber Driver and Racquet Club show promise to continue contributing a unique musical expression to the rich scene of Aotearoa New Zealand.

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