Tom Cosm

Otautahi, New Zealand


Behold, we have before us Thomas of the Cosm, a modern-day bard of the most curious sort! A composer, thou sayest? Nay, verily, not one for mere violins or pianofortes; his music springs from the ether itself! Within a small box—what they curiously refer to as a 'laptop'—he weaves notes and rhythms as a seamstress weaves fine cloth. Hark, for he hath journeyed to far-off lands like the New World and the colonies, sharing these peculiar sonatas with fellow explorers and natives alike. Then, there's his role as a learned scholar! The man is akin to a master of arcane arts, schooling the masses with visual parchments—mystically called 'YouTube videos,' mind you—that supposedly reveal his musical alchemy. It seems as though he's established a school without walls, capturing pupils from around the globe with his mysterious and otherworldly crafts. One can only imagine what Johann Sebastian would think of this! Would Bach trade his organ for a 'MIDI controller'? The mere thought sends shivers down my spine. Moreover, he's a social magician, as well! With an aura of 'audience participation,' he weaves spells that captivate not just your ears, but your very soul. This Thomas claims to facilitate a grand gathering where spectators become participants, adding their own dabs of enchantment to the brew. It's akin to a coven, but for music! One can only surmise the power that emanates from these gatherings, as people from far and wide lend their energy to these frenzied orchestrations. Truly, this is a sorcerer of sound!

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