Ternion Sound

Artikal Music UK. Deep, Dark & Dangerous. DUPLOC.

Minneapolis, United States


The trio known as Ternion Sound was born out of the Infrasound Music Festival in 2016 when producers Andrew, Aric, and Jack joined forces for an impromptu set on the Beach Stage. Their chemistry was infectious, and immediately obvious. When the three reconvened at a shared studio in Minneapolis, MN it was clear their bond was meant for more than just one festival set. The trio began producing together with the goal of respecting the UK sound, while simultaneously implementing their own production styles. Ternion Sound embodies sound system culture. From the music they produce, to the live sets they DJ, to the intentionality they deliver, to the community they continue to develop in Minneapolis which then spreads to the rest of the World. The group is known for being at the forefront of sound design capability, which can be heard in each and every release. They also believe music education is of the utmost importance, as it has played such an integral role in their own growth. Since the group’s first live appearance in 2016, they’ve been able to captivate the international dubstep community with releases on Duploc, Artikal, Chestplate, Deep Dark & Dangerous, Next Level, 1985, and Gourmet Beats. Their music has been supported by scene heavyweights such as Digital Mystikz, Mala, Truth, Caspa, Youngsta, Joker, D Double E, Distance, J:Kenzo, Bukez Finezt, Joe Nice, and many more. During 2019 the group went on its first international tour playing at Outlook Festival plus 8 shows in the UK, Netherlands, France, and Austria combined. Since returning to the dance floor in the post pandemic era, the group quickly picked back up where they left off, resuming their heavy touring schedule across every corner of the North American territory. 2022 also included a brief return to Europe after having the privilege of bringing the underground sound to Asia, kicking off the international stretch in Tokyo. Aiming to continue to pour gas on the 2022 fire, the crew spent the first 4 months of 2023 out on the road providing direct support to Yheti on nearly 40 ‘Knew Sound Tour’ stops. Following the conclusion of the tour in May, the three have been enjoying some down time supplemented by Summer festival appearances at The Untz, Forbidden Kingdom, Sonic Bloom, and of course Infrasound. The Infrasound set, which was captured from an astonishing 14 camera angles including aerial drone footage, is now available to relive on the group’s YouTube channel. Aside from continuing to crush seasonal self-designed merchandise runs, the guys have been working tirelessly to level up innovative new ways of capturing their performances in order to deliver the visceral Ternion Sound live experience to fans in the comfort of their own homes. Astonishingly, the first half of 2023 was only the appetizer for the remainder of the year. The trio unveiled their long-awaited collaboration with Bukez Finezt, The Return – the first release of 2023 and one of four tracks off a brand-new collaborative EP out on Deadbeats in July. As for the Fall and Winter of this year, the trio are putting the finishing touches on an exclusive concept tour featuring a beloved co-headliner that aims to emphasize three core values for attendees: sound, experience, and atmosphere. For fans yearning for more new music, fear not; there’s plenty more on the way: it may or may not be coming all at once, in extended form and marks an anxiously awaited first for Ternion Sound.

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