Otautahi, New Zealand

Progressive/Dark Prog

Spoonhead is a pioneer of live psychedelic techno, progressive psy and breaks in New Zealand (NZ). His goal is to take people on deep journeys away from the craziness of everyday life. The Spoonhead experience sends you awash through sonically rich and musically diverse soundscapes. Each live set is unique, showcasing his 100% original music. Having a solid grasp of not only progressive-psy, but also breaks, gitch-hop and techno - Spoonhead flows seamlessly between acts of different genres. This has seen Spoonhead play alongside some of the heavyweights in the music scene, including Grouch, Tom Cosm, Tetrameth, Mr. Bill, Sensient and Antix. Spoonhead’s moldable live set makes for loads of fun on the dancefloor and allows plenty of room for experimentation. Spoonhead has rocked dancefloors across Australia and NZ including mainstage sets at Aum, Psyfari, and Earth Frequency. In 2021/2022 he brought in the new year at NZ's premier psychedelic event Twisted Frequency Festival to a packed crowd. As a teenager, the young Spoonhead (his high-school nickname) toured and performed as a lead guitarist in the punk band Mob Sharkey. Shaking bars, pubs and venues across the country. Being so young often saw him refused entry by bouncers to the events he was booked to play! Exposure to outdoor electronic music festivals set a new tone and direction musically. Leaving the band to study electronic music, design and software engineering; Spoonhead honed his skills to strike a balance between artistry and precision engineering. This creative combination has culminated in critically acclaimed releases across various genres. You'll find Spoonhead releases on cutting-edge record labels including WEAPON, Techgnosis and Universal Tribe. Spoonhead continually evolves to push the boundaries, cross genres and discover new emotive spaces through music. Recently his focus is on collaborating with other musicians with this drive - because music is better when shared!

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