Ōtepot, New Zealand


Soma is a multi-layered word, representing the expression of the soul through movement. Soma was the plant medicine that the Vedic seers drank before they channelled the Vedas, the ancient sacred texts of Hinduism. The branch of the nervous system that controls movement is the somatic nervous system. Let the rhythm take you into transcendence. Become one with the dance. Dave has been getting dancefloors going with his unique blend of deep, groovy, euphoric techno and breaks since 2008. Cut first shapes on Eudaemony Dfloors back in the day. Has been obsessed ever since. More recently he’s been on a mission to raise the profile of techno in “this drum and bass city” (Dunedin/Otepoti). Immersion is a semi-regular event which he runs down there showcasing local talent. Come support. TECHNO FTW!

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