The Endless Knot, Enygma Music, Metacortex Records

Hi-tech & Psycore

Saturnin is the experimental darkpsy project of Ryan Azzam, an Arabic descendant of this world residing in Australia. He had a passion for music from a very young age, took piano lessons as a kid, and then later on acquired a bachelor's degree in sound engineering in 2016. A year after that Saturnin was born. Combining deep driving basslines with groovy percussion and ancient rhythm, his music will send you on a journey of twisted soundscapes to meet the inner workings of the dark universe and its extradimensional creatures. The project is driven by the discipline and power of Saturn, and aims to bring us closer to the one true self. Saturnin has released singles with multiple record labels such as Metacortex, Kapala Records, The Endless Knot, and Voodoo Hoodoo. He has shared his sound with dancefloors in Australia, Lebanon, and Mexico and is eager to introduce his sound to more parts of the world.

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