Queen Big Punch

BigBada Boom Sound System

Te-Whanganui-a-Tara, Aotearoa


Owner and operator of Aotearoa's sole wahine/takatapui (womens/LGBT) reggae sound system Hine-Raiona Bigbada Boom, making big waves since its debut in 2022! Big Punch packs one hit after another with her selection of blue beats, reggae dub and beyond playing strictly on vinyl!! Her dedication to sound system culture to its roots and role of operator is strongly present within the sound of Bigbada Boom, with her array of live analogue FX and MC magic! Giving her sound a unique spin and old school vibe in the spirit of 1969. Bigbada Boom is also known as Hine-Raiona (Lion Maidens), encompassing its role as Aotearoa's wahine / takatapui built sound system. Its focus is to support femme DJ's and performers in the realm of reggae music and sound system culture.

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