Paige Julia

Deep, Dark & Dangerous. 1985 Music. drum&bassarena.

Ōtautahi, Aotearoa


Paige Julia is a creature that lives on an island in the South Pacific Ocean that spends her time tinkering with sound machines. Whilst a well-known force in Aotearoa’s underground bass music scene for some time, Paige Julia is now being embraced by the global music community as one of the very profound artists emanating from Aotearoa. She has released music with 1985 Music (UK), Deep Dark & Dangerous (US/NZ), Drum&BassArena (UK), Unchained Recordings (HK), Samsara Beats (US), MalLabel Music (US), Forest Biz (UK), Uncomfortable Beats (AU) and Totally Roasted (NZ) as well as a self released album titled “Morphling” that awarded her “Best Electronic Artist” at the 2021 Aotearoa Music Awards. Her music is inspired by the many shades of underground bass culture, navigating the grey area between breakbeat, dubstep, techno, jungle and hip hop. Paige spends her summer time adventuring across Aotearoa New Zealand from festival to festival, delivering the world’s up-front bass music intertwined with her own productions. For the winter months a whirlwind club circuit takes hold as she visits any city with a sound system, keeping a busy schedule of developing music for performance and enjoying the process of sharing the experience of dance, frequency and emotion. In 2023 Paige Julia has gone international with 2 full tours of Australia and upcoming dates for Europe and the UK.

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