Fremantle, Australia

Progressive/Dark Prog

OLIN (named after the Mayan Goddess of Movement) is the creative alter-ego of Perth DJane Kelsie Cat. Born to a family of dance music enthusiasts and inspired by the natural world, OLIN's love for rhythm and synthesis blossomed from her youth, leading her to immerse herself in the electronic soundscape. Embark on a journey back to 2007 when OLIN's musical odyssey began in the heart of the West-Australian bush at her first Doof. The sheer power of outdoor sound captivated her, sparking a decision to make the bush her true home. In 2011, OLIN took the leap from the dance floor to the decks, becoming a beacon of musical innovation. Despite a 3-year hiatus in Melbourne pursuing her career, she has consistently graced West-Australian events with a decade of fresh and high-quality tunes. As a versatile DJ, OLIN weaves a unique energy into every dance floor she touches, curating an exceptional blend of hybrid genres and captivating, darker tones. Her presence on stage and in the mix is a testament to her outstanding musical taste.

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