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oJae is the ambient/downbeat project of Max Spackman. A visceral downtempo journey through vibrant soundscapes and layers of emotive vibrations. Haunting melodies, warm pulsing bass and spacey syncopated percussion come together to create a dream-like atmosphere, carrying the listener from dizzying heights to melancholic lulls and back again. oJae has been performing at festivals and events around the Australian electronic music scene for the past eight years. From humble beginnings in the NSW bush, to showcasing his tunes at some of the largest outdoor events in the country such Dragon Dreaming Festival(NSW), Psyfari(ACT) Wide Open Space Festival(NT), Regrowth Festival(NSW) Collaborations Festival(FNQ) and Rainbow Serpent Festival(VIC) to name a few, even being blessed enough to take his music overseas to events such as the 2016 Eclipse Festival in Indonesia, Twisted Frequency Festival (NZ)and Atman Festival (Sri Lanka) as well as playing support slots at indoor/club events for artists such as Gaudi(UK), Deep Forest(FR), Bumble(AU), Daheen(AU), Combat Wombat(AU) and many more, he has carved a niche for himself with his signature style of atmospheric, ethereal chill-out music.

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