Aotearoa New Zealand


Bubbling under the radar in Te-Whanganui-a-Tara, the innocuous Oddish are quietly working away. Alongside the subtle release of two EPs, Oddish have been slowly sowing seeds throughout the Aotearoa touring belt. Slinging their own flavour of psychedelic post-rock, Oddish draw from instrumental maestros, ambient electronica, classical minimalism and Cowboy Bebop. Oddish are a band best heard on an open air stage. Toying with ambience, soft noise, and interspersed direct calls to eruptive movement, the trio work hard to offer as much engagement to the casual passerby as we do to the keen, meditative, observer. After two ep releases in 2022, a national tour, and a festival debut, the band have spent 2023 hunkered down in pursuit of their debut full length.

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