Nate Divine



Nate Divine, a celebrated figure in the South Island's music scene, is a testament to the transformative power of sound. Known for curating unforgettable events, Nate's musical journey was born from a lifelong love affair with melodies, fostered by his father's collection, and refined on the sacred grounds of the dancefloor. Nate Divine is celebrated not only for his DJ prowess but also for his remarkable event curation skills. He's a community alchemist, crafting monumental gatherings that elevate the spirit and pulse of the South Island's music scene. These events aren't just nights out; they're transcendent experiences that linger in the hearts of all who attend. Nate's journey took a new turn when a head injury forced him to step away from the stage. During this period of healing, he immersed himself in music production, sculpting a unique sonic identity. His sound is a whirlwind of trance and fast, electrifying energy that propels audiences into a state of sonic euphoria. This period of introspection and creative rebirth allowed him to explore new dimensions of sound and translate his passion into original compositions. A sonic sorcerer, a dancefloor guru, and a maestro of connection. With each performance, he invites you to join him on a journey where the music does the talking and the dancefloor becomes a sacred realm. A supplier of hidden tracks and experimental sounds, Nate Divine makes sure to cook up something you never heard before.

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