Pōneke New Zealand

Garage, Grime & Breaks

The Pōneke prodigy, Mystori, hatched from the iconic Laundry Bar. With a tantalizing blend of groovy house and techno, spiced with a sprinkle of hip hop, and stirred with daring dirty basslines, she crafts a delicious blend of mysterious mischief that could even make a nun break into a naughty two-step. Mystori's musical voyage kicked off in her formative years, seeking solace in the sultry grooves of hip hop and R&B. These genres laid the groundwork for her blossoming love affair with music, sculpting her path as an artist. As time ticked on, so did her infatuation with electronic music, enabling her to fuse her musical roots with the doof doof. Throughout the years, she has etched her name in Aotearoa’s festival scene. Brazen, Cuba Dupa, Welcome to Nowhere, Newtown Festival, Beervana, Bizarre Bazaar, and Taniwhas Den are just a few of the stages where she has cast her musical spell, infusing every performance with an air of mysterious mischief. With her distinctive style, her sets are a mesmerizing blend of nostalgia and innovation, cultivating a vibe that calls for a sexy, slinky, and deliciously dirty dance floor.

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