Max Von Bumble



The solo projects of Max Vøn (Techno) and Bumble (downtempo-midtempo) are the Brain child of Max Von Bumble. They are a hive of vibrations set into the wind by decades of music play. No boundaries, the creations are sonically diverse , bass, melody and funk centered, and often glitchy. The unifying theme of his music reflect nature, experience, perception and aspires to spark connection. With more than 14 solo releases under his belt, and more on the way in 2022, Max Vøn and Bumble sets can cover the realms of down beat or up beat mid-tempo and techno dance floor journeys. Based near Byron Bay (Australia), and touring annually to Europe and North America, countless events have hosted Bumble and Max Vøn, playing alongside his most favoured peers.

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