Swamp 81. Deep Medi Muzik.

London, United Kingdom

Garage, Grime & Breaks

Loefah is one of the last true pioneers of a British dance genre as one of the founders of dubstep, but his musical influences span a multitude of genres from Chicago House to true hardcore. Both his original productions and DJ sets are orchestrated by an acute knowledge of how to take people on an experience. His productions are known to be minimal and dark but he effortlessly delivers intricate joy into a track too. He’s been in the game for 20 years but also understands and has a deep love for music prior to the electronic musical evolution of the rave scene. Big boss founder of iconic South London dance music label Swamp 81, he has brought through and continues to bring through some of the most exciting names in UK dance music and has himself had releases on a multitude of labels from Deep Medi Music to Big Apple Records. Loefah has toured the world a few times over, every time understanding how to light up a dance floor with a knowledge attributed by years of knowing what sounds good and of course, a strong sense of style which can’t be taught.

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