The Endless Knot // Khnum Crew // Metacortex Records

Lyttelton, New Zealand

Hi-tech & Psycore

Keith (AKA DJ PRETENCE & Root Basis) is the musical manifestation of Lachlan Mears. Born from the insatiable desire to express without limits, Keith is right at home testing, tweaking and tinkering with new ways to manipulate sound. Weaving a rich sonic tapestry that is equal parts earnest and absurd, Keith invites the listener to fuse with the machine-human interface. As the journey unfolds, the structure reveals an emergent narrative of familiar, yet undefined origin, traversing the realms of experimental trance music and beyond, diving head first into the unknown. The release of their first full-length album, 'In a Crockpot', is a testament to this exploration, an excursion through uncharted territories of sound that blends the new with the known. Ever hungry, Keith continues to be driven by the pursuit of musical innovation, in a quest to discover the unseen facets of auditory expression. In live performances, the aim is to create a collective experience, a space where the music becomes a living and reactive entity, speaking, breathing, and intertwining with us all. It’s less about the spectacle and more about sharing these discoveries, these new forms of expression, and seeing them come to life in a shared environment. If you have a curiosity for the untold stories of sound, Keith welcomes you to join in this exploration.

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