Junus Orca

Club Unique. Echo Train Records.

Ōtautahi, Aotearoa

Live Electronic

"Crafted for denizens of the night, Junus Orca is not fabricating landscapes but remembering them," ~ Luke Saunders, Happy Mag. Since the release of his debut EP in 2020, Junus Orca has had releases on labels such as NZ’s own Echo Train Records; shared by popular techno outlet HATE, which in turn has culminated in their regular involvement with HAVEN club nights. They have also collaborated with Kamandi on the haunting track 'I Did It All'. Junus Orca's remarkable versatility spans harsh noise, ambient soundscapes, and both industrial & dub-infused techno. Their recent collaboration with Czech artist Vatta on 'Accepting Death From Snakes' exemplifies their diverse sonic blending. Junus Orca's commitment to sonic diversity is evident in 2022's powerful industrial anthem 'Unnamed System', a collaboration with fellow Ōtautahi artist Social Sport. Their latest record on the label Club Unique, titled 'A True Stream', offers a genuine and reflective journey with minimal, clicky percussive elements and ethereal synthesis. Both releases contrast with their upcoming project, a collaboration with Instant Fantasy for FIS's eco label Saplings, set to be unveiled in 2024. Junus Orca's trajectory is clearly marked by their dedication to exploring a wide range of sonic possibilities and pushing the boundaries of their artistry.

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