Jay Luv

Big Fresh Collective.

Ōtautahi, Aotearoa


A proudly appointed member of the infamous Big Fresh Collective, Jay Luv is a seasoned DJ in the Ōtautahi music scene. Not only has he supported New Zealand underground legends such as Liam K. Swiggs, Mokotron, and Keepsakes, he also has his own slot on RDU 98.5, aptly named ‘LuvHub’. Jay Luv’s mixes and productions are influenced by the bouncy drums of Footwork/Juke and pornographic and gritty content of Electro/Ghettotech. He brings a fresh face and sound to the scene in Aotearoa, and his momentum shows no signs of slowing down. His energy spans the entire floor and will keep your booty pumping from start to finish. He’s ready to diffuse his Luv all over and take you on a journey through his stick.

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