Hotsteppas Fimly Rooted

Bristol, UK


Built on soundsystem culture and roots music, Bristolian ickle harnesses a strong foundation in Dub production techniques to bring a fresh and exciting style to his sound. Working closely with Reggae outfit Hotsteppas, he is receiving much support from the U.K Reggae scene in the form of Aba Shanti, Channel One, Earl Gateshead and Dubkasm. His sonic imprint stretches deeper into the realms of underground Bass music, taking influences from Dancehall, Hip Hop, Dubstep, Grime and Jungle. By fusing genres together, he is able to keep his music both original and forward thinking, having received more support from the likes of Mala, Spooky, Riz La Teef, 2Bad Mice, Om Unit, Sam Binga and many more.

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