High Vision



Twas a snarler of a day in Springbrook national park. The heavily vibey fragrance of grout and diesel was heavy, yet vibey in the air. As the sun rose slowly and passionately over Babylon, two rope slinging, post-tribal neo-rasta spiritual warlords cast a vision over the hinterland, pledging allegiance and swearing an oath to bring a plethora of soulfully slutty, dubbed out rhythm to the folk of thy dance. However, this wasn't an ordinary vision. This was a High Vision. In order to fulfill the ancient prophecy set before them by the mighty Don Tonga, This dynamic (yet D.F) duo of heavyweight stallions stood dripped the fuck out in High-vis and safety attire. Strapped with their calvary of JBL speakers and dubwise discography, The duel of the fates was about to commence. As the mighty Dub siren roared through the valley and into the soul of DJ Putzmeister and his formidable army, the battle began. After hours of psychological and spiritual warfare, the wrath was at its peak. Subs were blown, records were scratched, & the amps were overheated. The pair were overwhelmed by the sheer evil nature of DJ Putzmeister and the dark side of the force. As the hope of victory abruptly started to fade, the stallions knew they needed backup. But what could it be? What could pull them out of such a kerfuffle? Where was Jah when they needed him? Whilst hunting vigorously through their now depleting crate of dubplate pressure, they knew they needed to act fast. As all hope now seemed lost, an angelic, direct beam of light streamed down from the heavens, illuminating the sleeve of “Inside the Dubplates” by Salmonella Dub. The pair looked at each other, pupils as wide as 12” records. This was it. A New Hope. Reaching into his belt, Az Purr unveiled 2 x 500ml cans of Mother, the last essential elixir required to wield such a behemoth of a plate. As the pair necked god's sweet nectar, SamjaSam then sparked up their last 2 JPS reds to wash down the serum of vengeance…. Locked and loaded at last. Mounting the record upon a single turntable, the sounds of Premium Aotearoa Dub boomed through the mighty Grassfed Soundsystem, fate hucking DJ Putzmeister with unstoppable force. After an onslaught of high level sonic combat and lethal selektions, High Visions chronic vibrations reigned supreme over Babylon's forces of ego, politricks and righteousness. Balance, unity & respect was then restored within the universe. The battle was won. Dub still reigned supreme.

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