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GEOMYSTICA is a musical entity reflecting its source. GEOMYSTICA music breaks the bounds of all genres. It’s global sound system music - a fusion of heavy bass and electronic soundscapes paired with traditional percussion and instruments. Hypnotic melodies, rhythms and topics rule the soundwaves of GEOMYSTICA music. They were brought together on Aotearoa soil, where Ayaluna and Irie Youthman joined Harry from the far reaches of the Mediterranean, Middle East, South America. The flavors are abundant and refined. Irie sings in Spanish, Italian and English (often influenced by Jamaican patois). GEOMYSTICAs message is unity, equality and multiculturalism. The music and Irie Youthman's messages will get you dancing and reflecting, with the ultimate aim being to bring something fresh, deep and mind melting to the dancefloor crawlers’ ears and soul.

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