Genreslutz is an amalgamation between two of Christchurch’s finest musical minds – Buzzlightyeah and Ludic. Founded in 2019 after Buzz and Ludic were having a conversation at the lack of hard-hitting alternative bass music in the 03 – After just a few shows Genreslutz quickly cemented themselves as party starting pioneers. With over a decade of experience and musical ambition Buzz and Ludic both have developed a keen ear for danceable music across a spectrum of all genres. Never adhering to one particular set or standard, every set is new experience. After a quick conversation post-gig Buzz mentioned to the froth crew about his alternative genre-bending, Hybrid trap and tech house set that he and Ludic had created - Froth knew they had to have it happen. Having spent many years in the underground electronic music scene both in NZ and abroad the lads in Genreslutz have developed an ear for music that captivates audiences and other musicians alike. Their unique selections and passionate performance is a visual and aural treat and the curation of heavy bass-laden sounds reflects their experience as a performers and musicians. Genreslutz are here to slay with selections of groovy, danceable music complimented by large destructive drops of Hybrid Trap, Hip-Hop influences and Bass music. Expect nothing but heavy, hard hitting drops and sweet, melodic interludes, intertwined with stomping, fun Tech House when you catch Genreslutz during the Froth takeover!

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