Eora, Australia

Garage, Grime & Breaks

DUNJ is a crew, a community, and a series of events; as well as a group of DJ’s, producers and party people who share a common love of dance floors, bass music & big speakers.
 DUNJ started from humble beginnings as a DIY party, held exclusively on Tuesday nights in strange locations around Sydney harbour. Since then, DUNJ has expanded and adapted into the community it is now - pushing underground sounds and hosting events in slightly more legitimate venues than before.

The DUNJ crew consists of a group of DJ’s and producers who all share a common love of deep sound system driven music - including Alec Sander, 9toe, Swisherman, Jas Peters, Ridds, Ma Lo, Sonny Whu & Mighty Healthy. The crew cover the full spectrum of underground dance music, from deep dubstep, jungle, drum & bass and UK bass music all the way to tripped out techno, breaks and trance infused doof experiments. Over the years the DUNJ crew has hosted and supported a wide range of top tier international artists in undisclosed venues; including Djrum, Special Request, Djinn, Coco Bryce, Tim Reaper, Headland, Sherelle, Pinch, Madam X, Monolake, Ebb, Pariah, Epoch, Versa, Akcept, Al Wooton, Paleman, Kahn & Neek, Asusu, Loefah, Yushh, Azu Tiwaline, Distance, K-Lone, Pyur, Icicle, Truth, Fis, Etch and Om Unit, just to name a few.

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