Auckland, New Zealand

Akasha's fascination with electronic music began at the tender age of 12, and it was later in New Zealand that she stumbled upon the captivating realm of psychedelic sounds. Her first encounter with the Dimension crew's outdoor party left her spellbound and ignited her desire to take control of the decks. In the midst of the roaring Covid pandemic in late 2020, Akasha unleashed her very first 10-track compilation titled 'True Grit' with signed label BMSS Records. The release features a lineup of esteemed artists, including Braincell, Martian Arts, Tron, Architekt, Lucid Mantra, Justin Chaos, U-Grid (Prohecht & Noise Gust), Entasis, Asimilon, Junky Monkey & Kundalini. Renowned for her signature style in Night Full On, Akasha's musical journey naturally gravitated towards the realms of Dark Psy and Forest, where she discovered her love for blending the genres and pushing sonic boundaries.

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