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Tāmaki Makaurau, Aotearoa


Spanning across hardcore continuum, heavy club, broken beat and uptempo inclinations, Tāmaki’s DJ SWEAT is Lucía Mañetto-Munro’s most club-forward project. With strings of releases across INDEX: records (DE), Tubertechno (AKL), acoldplace (WLG) and a long history of independent music offerings under scores of various monikers and across many genres. Alongside her recent live electronic and DJ appearances for the likes of Eartheater and DJ Fuckoff, her music output has slowly and securely bubbled away in the Tāmaki club and experimental electronic music scene for almost a decade, with her production and music release history spanning back to the late 2000’s from age 13-14. Expect blistering breaks, punchy rhythms— fresh cuts alongside classic club tracks— to keep “asses wiggling and titties giggling” throughout her breakout appearance at Twisted Frequency 2023/2024.

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