Otautahi, New Zealand


Spawned in Dunedin, New Zealand, born in the underground, CRYPTO (aka Chris Epere) is a psychedelic groove technician and conjurer of hidden and hypnotic soundscapes. Drawing inspiration from the raw, unfiltered energy of the underground, his sets are a journey through sound, weaving together hypnotic melodies, driving basslines, and otherworldly soundscapes that take audiences on a trip through the outer reaches of consciousness. Driven by a deep and abiding passion for the alternative music scene for over a decade, CRYPTO has performed at countless music festivals, clubs, and parties across the country and won't be stopping anytime soon! Inspired by how music takes you on a journey, he loves its power to make your feet move. With a deep respect for the traditions of techno and psychedelia, he's always seeking to push the boundaries of what's possible in electronic music. His sets are always an exploration of the psyche, taking listeners on a profound journey of self-discovery and revelation. Overall, CRYPTO is a soulful artist, a master of the surreal who creates music that speaks to the very depths of the human soul. So, prepare to have your spirits elevated and your new dance moves calibrated as you find yourself creating shapes and cutting them out on the stomping ground.

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