METNEM Sinuous Records Full Force Recordings

Belgrade, Serbia

Drum n Bass

In 1995, Belgrade audience had the chance to experience The Prodigy perform live for the first time. In that same year, Ranko 'Phase' Maric and Djordje 'Tox' Milasinovic got interested in Drum 'n' Bass music resulting in a future joint career as an entity known as Codex. During 1999 their exchange of fresh DNB tracks culminated with presenting their own music to the audience. Today, 19 years later, Codex is a synonym for epic parties, greasy beats and bass that bends reality itself. Energy released by Codex's sound has spread through the furthest reaches of Earth and beyond the furthest reaches of the galaxy, thus allowing for insane collabs to come into existence. Their label METNEM is International music collective originating from Serbia and stretching far beyond the reach of the universe. All members are known for uncompromising promotion of drum'n'bass culture, making sure that Metnem is recognized as a fresh good source for mind-bending music. The Metnem family is growing every day, current active members are Billain, War, Codex, Delikt, Vrh, Bohemian, Senzzor, Netics and others are to be announced.

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