Cecil Turbine


Live Electronic

Introducing Cecil Turbine: an innovative solo music project that seamlessly blends the dynamic essence of Post-rock, the spacious beauty of ambient music, and the minimal electronic production of modern classical music. Drawing inspiration from the visual art of Pointillism, Cecil Turbine's music intricately weaves micro samples and loops, creating captivating soundscapes. At the heart of the project lies a unique combination of processed bass guitar, double bass, strings, drum machines, and captivating vocals. Cecil Turbine's mastery of these instruments is evident in their mesmerising compositions. Notably, Cecil Turbine has contributed to various renowned projects, including crafting soundscapes for the Dunedin museum exhibit 'Fashion Forward: Disruption Through Design' and collaborating with the Australian dance company Chunky Move. Their exceptional soundscape work on the multi award-winning short film 'Oten: The Samaya Wives' further showcases their artistic versatility and skill. Cecil Turbine's dedication to their craft has led them on two extensive 25-date tours throughout New Zealand. They have also graced multiple Australian boutique festivals, captivating listeners with their distinct and innovative musical style. Cecil Turbine continues to push the boundaries of music and art, leaving an indelible mark on the contemporary music landscape.

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