Progressive/Dark Prog

B2PC explores the balance between industrial obscurity, film score, psychedelia, tribal rhythm and narrative. His professionally trained background in drumming, live performance, production and DJing power his sets with technical versatility and originality, utilising a 7 channel, live Ableton set with inimitable groove and soundscape layering. Being a metal head, B2PC’s drawn to the darker, more experimental possibilities that techno has to offer. Techno acts as a portal to his most innate primal core, focusing on traditional rhythms and urges towards barrier-dissolving gatherings of spirit and celebration. For him, techno in nature is home. From 2016-21 he resided in Berlin, where his infatuation with techno expanded. He held a residency at Void Club Berlin’s ‘The Hardest Rave Of Your Life’ and played at clubs and festivals across Europe including Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Poland and at Armenia’s first ever electronic music festival, Ahoora Festival. While living in Berlin he toured yearly back in Australia and New Zealand playing at Earth Frequency Festival, Earthcore Festival, Dragon Dreaming Festival, Twisted Frequency Festival, Rabbits Eat Lettuce Festival, Psyfari Festival, S.A.S.H. and many more.

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