Az Purr

The Green Room



Originating from deep in the South Island of Aotearoa (NZ), Az Purr is a recent project created by renowned DJ, Radio host & Producer VUDU. After spending years developing his dark, experimental & adjacent sound, VUDUs drive to birth his new project “Az Purr” was inspired through rediscovering his early childhood love for Aotearoa Roots & Dub Music. Taking this inspiration, he fell in love with the more soulful and vibe heavy side of bass music, In which “Az Purr” was born. Aside from his DJ sets, Az Purr’s production style also unites his favorite vibrations to sorcerer up a journey through sound & sub pressure, possessing the listener with euphoric rhythms, dubbed out flavas, crafted percussion and luscious melodies. As well as having a USB or 6, You’ll mainly find Az Purr digging through his abundant record collection to deliver vibrant, soulful, groovy & technical vinyl only sets, ranging from full spectrum Dub music, bouncy breakbeats & heavyweight UKG, as well as a variety of up/downtempo sub genres.

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