Progressive/Dark Prog

Dark-Bushy-Progressive Exploring realms of dark, light, hypnotic and playful The tremendous leap into DJ & audio production began for ARYA in 2015, now one of Australia’s notable musical senders. Desiring deep umbra frequencies, intricate percussion, cheeky bass-lines & adventurous arrangements, her wildcat nature for music has no end, always evolving with fresh perspective to pump the dance-floor! ARYA’s synergetic dance-floor flow cultivates a deliciously earthy & visceral journey carried out night or day! She's fiercely eager to share a sonic expedition with you, rippling forth an uproar of sound propulsion, seamlessly mixing the vibe with a boundless variety of bushy & dark progressive Psychedelic Trance, lit exquisitely by the iridescent glow of her fiery passion.

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