Alec Sander


Eora, Australia

Garage, Grime & Breaks

Alec Sander (aka Wompa) is a co-founder of Sydney based event collective DUNJ and has been DJing in Sydney for over 10 years. Alec Sander is a vinyl connoisseur, loop daddy on the CDJs and is best known for his bass focused outlook, extra long sets and broad taste in music.

Alec Sander’s involvement with DUNJ has enabled him to support world renowned acts such as Goth Trad, Vivek, Kahn & Neek, Fis, Pyur, Pinch & Mungos Hi-Fi to name a few. DUNJ as a collective has become an integral part of Sydney’s underground music scene and has organised well over 100 unique events and played host to over 60 unique international artists and over 300 unique domestic artists. DUNJ is not Alec Sander’s only musical outlet. Alec Sander is also part of local internet radio duo Mood Support alongside fellow DUNJ Crew resident Swisherman. Alec Sander has also launched his own lathe cut record label called Only Choice, focussing on lathe cut vinyl & dubplate culture Alec Sander has been known to DJ and cater for all occasions. In addition to his main and original passion; dance floor bass music, Alec Sander is well versed in closing sets at techno warehouse parties, day time sets at house music events, morning downtempo sets at the kick on, selector style reggae dub sets and even some disco sets here and there. Alec Sander has a real passion for DJing and he likes nothing more than preparing for a challenging DJ set for almost all occasions.

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