Eora, Australia

Garage, Grime & Breaks

9Toe is no stranger to the dance - spending more than the last decade behind, in front of and high above the decks.

As an avid raver, collector and purveyor of all things bass heavy, 9Toe takes strong influence from the sounds of the UK hardcore continuum; His style has elements of breaks, dubstep, and UK garage, with a strong nod to the foundations and an eye forward to the future of these sounds.

9Toe is also one of the founders of Sydney collective DUNJ, curating events that reverberate through the obscure corners of the city he calls home. These gatherings are known for their heavyweight sound and production, born as a response to the heavy handed lockout laws and over-reaching security presence in the club environment.

He lives for the energy of bush doofs, warehouse parties and DIY events - highlights including multiple performances at Subsonic Festival, Regrowth, Psyfari, Secret Garden, Wierd and many more.

You are guaranteed to find 9Toe up the front of the floor, smiling and dancing. When he is behind the decks, you may find yourself doing the same.

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