Look after your body

We’ve laid out some helpful tips to ensure you’re ready to dive straight in.

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As summer starts to heat up, so does the much anticipated festival season. We’re all about having a good time, but it’s important to remind ourselves that without a well looked after body, we won’t be able to enjoy the party to its fullest. We’ve laid out some helpful tips to ensure you’re ready to dive straight in.

Stay Hydrated - Keep drinking that water. The Cobb valley can heat up very quickly, so it’s important to refill yourself with that sweet H2O all day long.

Stay Nourished - Your body needs fuel. Without food in our bellies, exhaustion can hit us hard. We’ve got plenty of food stall options to suit different dietary restrictions but we encourage everyone to have plenty back at camp to sustain yourselves as well!

Get some sleep - Bring earplugs, an eye mask, take naps. There’s so many cool things going on at Twisted, it’s hard to catch em all. It’s even harder when you’re lacking sleep. Get that shut eye and make sure you dont sleep through that headliner set youve been amped about for months!

Be Sunsmart - Wear a hat and apply sunscreen often. Keep cool in the shade and take a break from those harsh rays.

Wear earplugs - We’ve got some serious sound systems. Protect your precious hearing and pop some foamies in. Or even better get yourself some reusables. Lots of earplugs come with attachable cases so you can always have them handy.

Pace yourself - We’ve got 5 whole days. There’s plenty of time, no rush. You dont want to be that person who’s gone too hard and can’t make it up to Top Stage for new years eve.

Listen to your body - What does it need? Our bodies are great at telling us when we’re lacking something. Dry mouth? Neck some water. Sore legs? Have a rest. You know the drill.

Not feeling ok? Ask the medics, Psy-care or any crew. They’re there to help and are here to care for you.

Join us for Yoga in the Chillery everyday! Give your body some love <3

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