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Will McClean & The Zooks

Hip hop, Neighborhood Noise (NZ)

Will McClean & The Zooks

Hip hop, Neighborhood Noise (NZ)

Born and raised with the perfect balance of city and coastal living, Will McClean has been grinding in a basement working out his place in this world with the help of a pen and some words. 

Within the space of six months, Will released four EP’s; then following that with his first full length project entitled “Can’t Sleep, I”m Dreaming” which dropped July 2020.

Will’s long list of inspirations consist of the likes of Tom Scott, Mac Miller, Simloco, J Cole and so much more.

Teaming up with some bros birthed the band, The Zooks. 

Bringing a new level on energy to live shows, Will McClean & The Zooks are sure to get you singing, jumping and dancing along.

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